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CIY Move 2017 "If Then..."

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This is Eric and his three school aged children. Eric said, “You think you're on one path in life, but you
forget the path you walk isn't always controlled by you. We've been through a few bumps, but the kids
have always had a positive outlook, which tends to help me. I am so grateful for the hard working
people of Habitat for Humanity, I feel as if I can finally start my life now!"

Help us help Eric and his family by volunteering for our Build Day.  No experience necessary, 
just a loving heart and willing to learn/follow instructions given.  

 Saturday, July 8 from 8:45a-3p

Build Site: 371 Peru Street, Cicero, IN 46034

It's set in 3 shifts depending on if you want to work all day or half a day.
8:45am-12pm for 13 volunteers
11:45am- 3pm for 13 volunteers
8:45am -3pm for 12 volunteers

 We can only have 25 volunteers on site at a time
so that is the reason for the numbers at each shift.

Instructions: Click HERE

  • Click "VOLUNTEER"
  • Cicero Christian Church is the fourth church listed. Key in the password: CicChurch ( is it is case sensitive)
  • Click on the box next to the time in the Cicero Christian Church slot then NEXT at the bottom of the page
  • Fill in the Participate Info then click NEXT

Last is the waiver. At the bottom, the participate would fill in their name and if under 18; change the the
next tab to under 18 and have guardian "esignature"  in the box below along with emergency contact info. Once complete click FINISH and that is all there is! (Note: if first time volunteer, may be asked to register within Giveffect.)



Summer Development Courses being July 9
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