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Click here and see the GROUPS in Planning Center Online in this ministry area, who is leading them, who is in them, when they meet and what all they do.  You can also ask to join a group that you are interested in.  Some groups may be closed for different reasons. If a GROUP is closed, and you are interested in joining it, please contact Jenni at

Center #1 “Evangelism” manager Adam Colter Senior Pastor

Outreach – Coach: Jenni Roosa

Center #2 “Music & Worship” manager Dave Stroop  Worship Pastor

Music – Coach: Dave Stroop

Ushers – Coach: Ken Newcom; Assistant: Walter Morris

Communion – Coach: Jenni Roosa

Audio – Coach: Dave Stroop and Asst. Coarch: Jay Kinder

Computer Graphics – Coach: Zack Schuyler

Video - Coach Dave Stroop and Asst. Coach: Zack Schuyler

Center #3 Youth & Family manager Justin Pollock Youth Pastor

Youth: Middle School (grade 6-8), High School (9-12) & College Age – Coach: Jay St.Peters

Family Ministry – Coaches: Chad Hartwick

Prayer Chain (email) – Coach: Amber Hawkins

Center #4 Children manager Nate Frederick  Family & Chidlren Pastor

Noah’s Park Nursery (birth through age 3) – Coach: Nate Frederick

Nursery Coordinators:  Abby Frederick

The Treehouse (ages 4, 5, 6/kdg) – Coach: Abby Frederick

The Clubhouse (grades 1-5) – Coach: Nate Frederick

VBS or In-House Camps (age 4 through grade 5) – Coach: Nate Frederick

Center #5 “Discipleship” 

Library – Coach: Marcia House

Funeral Dinners – Coach: Judy Settles; Assistant: Jo Ellen Gentry

Center #6 “Dove Tail” manager Mike Jenkins Elder

Cicero Christian School (Daycare & Montessori Preschool) – Coach & Director: Erin Thompson.  Asst Director: Hannah Wier, School Board: Renee Kinder (pres.), Mike Jenkins, Lacy McGrew, Ron McGill, Angie Leming, Nate Frederick

Center #7 “Behind the Scenes” manager Dan Conder Elder

Computer / Web – Coaches: Dave Stroop & Paul Huss

HomeTouch – Coach: Marcia House

Moving – Coach: Mark Fisher

Center #8 “Guest Services” 

Community Garden – Coach: Suzi Fisher

Health & Wellness – Coaches: JoEllen Arrowood & Jana Swanson

Center #9 “With Agape” 

Kitchen Coach: Eric Roosa

Soup, Salad & Scripture – Coach: OPEN Assistant Coaches:Judy Settles

The Café – Coach: Shirley Bales; Assistant: Kathy Repp

Center #10 “Involvement” 

Adult Education – Coach: Darin Lawson

Stephen Ministry – Coaches: JaNell Martz

Women’s Ministry – Coach: Diana Higginbotham and Asst. Coach: Jenni Roosa
Leadership Council: Teresa House, Sharon Knapp, Lynette Duvall,  Nancy Hutson, Jenni Roosa, Tia Vondersaar, Kerry Cooley, Teresa Stroop

Handiworks – Coach: Rebecca Simpson

Micro Churches – Coach: Jonathan Wier

1st Impressions Visitor Ministry –Coach: Sara Cotler & Sally Esbaum

Special Events – Coach: Amber Hawkins

Wedding Coordination – Coach: Renee Kinder

Men’s Ministry (ATOMIC) – Coach: Jay St.Peters 

Men’s Breakfast – Coach: Chad Hartwick

Center #11 manager Mike House Elder

Grounds – Coaches: Mike House and Tom Ping

Center #20 “Missions” manager Mike Hutson Elder

Missions – Coach: Dan Conder & Rick Hahn

Leadership Council: Warren Manchess, Mike Hutson,  Ann Morris, Judy Settles, Robert Owens, Mary Ringer, Colby & Mandy Hale, Jonathan & Hannah Wier

Benevolence – Coaches: Rick Hahn, Mike Hutson

Center #30 “Administration” 

Legal – Coach: Mike Jenkins

Church Office – Coach: Amber Hawkins

Property Management – Coach: Tom Ping

Housekeeping – Coach: David Gillam

Center #31 “Finance” 

Church Financial Operations – Coach: Sherry Strauss.