Micro Church

The Micro Churches of CCC are the missional communities of the macro church that meets on Sunday mornings. It can be hard for true discipleship to happen on Sunday mornings, so the goal is for every family of CCC to make it a priority to attend a Micro Church weekly. Each Micro Church will look a bit different, but they will all be radically inclusive and teach from a centralized curriculum. They will have an atmosphere that is casual and friendly with conversations centered on Christ. We want to provide an inclusive refuge and engaging relationships for people returning to God. These relationships provide connection and security as we battle life together and as we seek to develop people who follow Jesus as a way of life. 

If you would like to join a Micro Church please register HERE.
For more information please contact Pastor Adam Colter at 317.984.4653
or adam@cicerochristianchurch.org


List of Micro Church leaders and the day their groups meet.


Brian Peters
6:30-8p in Cicero, no childcare.

Adam Colter
6-8p, location varies, childcare provided.

Zack Schuyler
5-7p, location varies, childcare provided.

Louis Rose & Andy Ramsey
4-5:30p in Atlanta, childcare provided

Joseph Hawkins
6:30-8:30p, location varies, no childcare.

Steve & Jane Shields
7-9p in Cicero, no childcare.

Andy Gable 
6:30-8:30p, location varies, childcare provided. 

Russ Denstorff
7-8p in Noblesville, no childcare.

Mike House/Jeff Pieper
6:30-8p location varies, no childcare.

Steven Hancock

6-7:30p in Noblesville, no childcare.

Keith Schoettmer 
6:30-8p in Tipton, no childcare.

Gino Small
6:15-7:45p in Atlanta, childcare provided.

Mark Fisher
7-8:30p in Cicero, no childcare.

Dan Conder
6-8p in Cicero, no childcare.



Learn more about GROUPS!    
Click here and see the GROUPS in Planning Center Online in this ministry area, who is leading them, who is in them, when they meet and what all they do.  You can also ask to join a group that you are interested in.  Some groups may be closed for different reasons. If a GROUP is closed, and you are interested in joining it, please contact Jenni at jenni@cicerochristianchurch.org.