Prayer Requests & Praises

Prayer Requests

If you need prayer for any area of your life please click the link below and fill out the appropriate form. Please know that your prayer requests are diligently included in our intercessory prayers. 

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Praise Report

We would love to hear your good reports!  Please click the link below, select the appropiate category at the top of the form and fill out the remainder of the form. 

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House of Prayer

Are you looking for a place for quiet prayer, reflection, or study?

The House of Prayer is available to our church and community

24 hours a day*

*monitored by security cameras

Prayer Warriors

Prayer warriors involved in intercessory prayer in their "closets" are a hidden people. They often linger on the edges of things-unnoticed, quiet, prayerful. Theirs is a lonely, unrecognized ministry.

But these are a people of "whom the world is not worthy." They are the strong ones. They are the persevering ones. They labor tirelessly, thanklessly, persistently. Their burdens run deep and their struggles are relentless.

They miss out on the pats on the back, the encouraging words of affirmation, the plaques of recognition. No one sees their efforts. No one knows the burdens they bear. No one sees the battles they fight. No one-but God.

This then is the reward for the intercessor. They speak with their God. They hear from their God. They spend hours in intimate fellowship with Him. He is their reward.

Heaven will tell of the fruitful ministry of this quiet army. There will be revealed stories of the intercessors who prayed revivals into being, held back the hand of the enemy, sought after the lost sheep, and protected the children of promise.

Until then, they remain the hidden ones. Alone with their God.

Take heart faithful prayer warrior. The God who sees in secret will reward you (Matthew 6:6b). His kingdom is coming through your prayers. Someday you will behold Him face to face-and you will recognize Him. He is the one you meet daily in your closet. He will be your Greatest Reward. He is the Pearl of Great Price. Seek Him in your quiet hours. Rejoice with Him when He takes you home.

Enjoy Him forever. Persevere, faithful prayer warrior. Your God hears!